Impact of internet on indian youth

As we all learn it in school, a full education includes mental and physical development. There are multiple negative impacts on society from the Internet. We all know that staying up late is not good for our health. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Education and parental involvement High school programs promoting media awareness have been shown to be beneficial 4.

The usage of internet services needs to be judicious and the user, discerning. Excessive amounts of time at a computer can contribute to obesity, undeveloped social skills and a form of addictive behaviour 9. Studies show how time spent watching television varies between different age groups and cultures 1 Research issued in the International Journal of Organizational Design and Engineering has stated that the face to face communication in teamwork helps people build mutual trust, creative and provide a higher result.

Medical research, new drugs, organ donors, infertility treatments, unusual surgeries. Parents should be advised to familiarize themselves with various rating systems for video games and use this knowledge to make their decisions.

Television viewing makes a substantial contribution to obesity because prime time commercials promote unhealthy dietary practices 15This is not the case on ground. Therefore, it is of interest to find out how the use of Internet contributes towards positive youth development in term of 5Cs.

If society guides youth to the positive way, they automatically keep their distance from anti-social and abnormal behavior. Fisch S, Truglio R, editors. The effects are too vivid to be ignored.

Comstock G, Strasburger VC.

Sexual Crime in India: Is it Influenced by Pornography?

Respondents for this study were selected using a cluster sampling method. The advertisers know how to appeal to our senses. Internet has helped man to see the other part of the world at the click of a mouse. Thus, it is depends on us the kind of knowledge we want to gain from all these shows.

Television advertising and socialization to consumer roles. For any company, there are offices globally. Kids today are bombarded with sexual messages and images in all media—television, magazines, advertisements, music, movies and the Internet. The advent of the ‘internet’ and ‘world wide web’ in India has significantly influenced pornography distribution and access.

It has provided legal loopholes and made monitoring difficult, aiding the manufacturers and distributors, while for the consumer round-the-clock availability, easy accessibility and anonymity were served.

Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture. Introduction at every place. In today’s era the various means of telecommunication, social media, and most importantly the Internet has a big role to play in the spread of globalization.

The ego factor into the Indian youth is again a product of globalization. The Impact of the Internet on Values in India: Shifts in Self-Enhancement and Self-Transcendence Amongst Indian Youth: /JGIM In this study, the authors examine how the internet is changing two critical personal value dimensions of India's youth.

Internet usage in India - Statistics & Facts With over million internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. Bythere will be about million.

Positive Impact of Internet on Youth

The Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Youth Khurana N* Amity University, Noida-UP, India Keywords: Social networking; Facebook; Twitter; Internet Introduction Social Networking sites are termed to as web based services that (The youth). Literature Review Impact of social networking websites on the education of the youth.

The usage of internet services needs to be judicious and the user, discerning. Read: Positive Impact of Internet on youth. Psychological Blocks. One may have hoped that exposure to the internet would bring the best in the youth.

This is not the case on ground.

Impact of internet on indian youth
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Globalization and its impact on Indian Culture.