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Because in Malaysian media plays the biggest roles, we discovered that media always try to find the best solution to provide the best information and try to make our people give a good perceptions towards the concept. We have to appreciate the principle of 1Malaysia in order to build a more progressive country.

It must be a government with new approaches for new times; a government that places a priority on performance, because the people must come first. Rafini Othman, personal communication, 16th September Besides that, the slogan created had brought misinterpretation to some people. By that, this will expedite the progress of achieving 1Malaysia as it is expected to generate a definitive transformation, towards an advanced Malaysian nation, underpinned by a firmly people, and esteemed by the world.

Rafini Othman, personal communication, 16th September If we truly study it, 1malaysia concept essay malaysia only has changed is the approach and implementation according to the ever-changing times and generations.

Rafini Othman, personal communication, 16th September Unity as envisioned through the 1Malaysia concept varies greatly from the assimilation concept practiced in other countries where the ethnic identities are wiped out and replaced with one homogeneous national identity.

Establishing a fully caring society. The formation of union races is the prerequisite to achieve vision because without the idea of nation in people mind, any form of cooperation will not go forward.

He said that he worried people will assume that 1 Malaysia means Malaysian Malaysia and people will misinterpret the true meaning of 1 Malaysia.

The government also placed great weight on the performance and results of all public servants when engaging with the people. The three core unity is supported by values. Unity is described by One Malaysia very different from the concept as practiced in other countries where ethnic identity is removed and replaced with a similar national identity.

Emotions and sentiments must be set aside or the effort to achieve the leap will be difficult. We can see that now every single thing in the media at least will be connected to the concept starts from news telecast until other programs. The media must assume the responsibility to help the government to bring progress and renewal to the country.

The era of the government knowing better has ended, and we now have to interact with everyone. Concept 1Malaysia appreciates and respects the principles of the Constitution and ruku negara. Start from pre — school to secondary school and our primary school. This vision statement is to solve the issues major concern like socio-economic balance between people, between regions, between states or between urban and rural areas.

The media will always help in finding a person that specialist in this kind of concept to provide good information to publics. It will slowly educate our younger generations towards the real 1 Malaysia.

Following the elections, he was appointed Defence Minister for the second time and preceded with the modernization of the Armed Forces which came to a halt following the financial crisis of She said it all depends on the people themselves on how they want to accept the concept.

Foundation of 1Malaysia concept Based on National Unity Ultimate Objective Of 1Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reiterated that 1Malaysia was not a new concept or formula and that its ultimate objective of national unity was the main vision of past leaders of the country, albeit in various forms.

The fund was proposed by the Barisan Nasional Youth Lab. Other KRA include efforts to widen access to quality and affordable education, uplift the standard of living for the lower-income group, improve the infrastructure in the rural and remote areas, as well as to improve public transport for the medium term.

As Prime Minister, he was an advocate of third-world development. Another example is when the media produce a competition for everyone to create 1 Malaysian song. Each ministry has been required to establish specific KPIs including that focus on policy outcomes over the traditional emphasis on inputs typically found in government performance assessments and planning.

In other words, the government recognises the importance of the efficiency and quality of public service in enhancing the quality of life for the Rakyat, hence the adoption of a people-friendly approach in all government agencies is critical. Most of people can be affected virtually to be united among races because of slogans about unity that they heard and saw in radio and television.

We can see when a new concept is being introduce, there will be a new advertisement that will be shown in the television to show our people about the reality of the new concept and how it is actually connected with our daily life.

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The process of education that will be executed in schools will play big rolls in shaping younger generations perceptions, if this concept continue for a long time, our generations will be ready to accept this concept beginning from the roots and will make up a good generations. Open house usually held during major festivals in the country.

Government used mainstream media to promote 1Malaysia Concept The government used mainstream media to influence and infuse the 1Malaysia Concept into people's mind. The mainstream media such as the Star, New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia etc keep reporting the latest news of 1Malaysia.

One Malaysia Essay Sample Improving government efficiency is an important aspect of 1Malaysia. The use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics and targets more typically used in private business and National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) is thus naturally an important part of the 1Malaysia effort.

Page 1/14 1Malaysia - Concept and Values By Ir. Dr Hasnul Mohamad Salleh Abstracts Upon ascending to Malaysia’s highest public office on Aprilthe Prime.

(1Malaysia Booklet, ) In other words, 1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity amongst the multi-ethnic people of Malaysia, substantiated by key values that every Malaysian should observe. We will write a custom essay sample on Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools specifically strength rather than its Achilles heel when rather than assimilating minority cultures into dominant cultures as the only way of integration, 1Malaysia concept accepts the reality of multi-culturalism and promotes unity in its diversity.

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